Children and Youth Services

Investing in the future.

1,025 young men and women received employment supports, including placement
youth participated in the netWORKS program – a youth networking and mentoring program

COSTI’s Children and Youth Services focus on creating supportive environments that foster creativity and growth while nurturing their full and healthy development. COSTI staff work to ensure that our programs inspire youth to stay in school, secure employment and settle on a path to success.

One of our priorities throughout the pandemic was to ensure that young people continued to interact with their peers, ensuring they received the support they needed emotionally, academically and in their careers. Our staff worked to find unique ways of limiting young people’s time alone at home while helping them to remain focussed on securing employment, staying in school and engaging in their communities. Over 2,750 children and young adults received counselling, social support, stayed in school, or secured employment in 2020/21.

Launched last year and continuing into 2021/22, the Youth Change Makers program is one of several COSTI programs specifically designed to engage newcomer youth in their communities. Leadership and civic engagement activities, collaboration and knowledge exchange with their peers and community organizations, will see 50 young people develop leadership, planning and communication skills, empowering them to become involved in civic activities locally in their communities and in school.