Housing Services

Breaking down barriers to sustainable housing.

people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness were helped to secure permanent housing
hostel services clients secured permanent accommodation

The impact to our clients due to the pandemic has resulted in many who are already living below the poverty line experiencing a further deterioration in their living conditions. Through donations and government supports, staff have responded to ensure that families were not left without basic necessities.

2020/21 saw COSTI’s Hostel Services program, providing temporary shelter and supportive services to refugee claimants, homeless families and individuals, expand services to support individuals from the City’s harm reduction program during the pandemic. While the shift in service created some challenges, staff were receptive and supportive in addressing the needs of clients.

Enhancing services that help prevent homelessness and allow people to bridge short periods of financial instability regardless of where they are in the housing market, and expanding supports and financial assistance that facilitate the acquisition of housing, are two key priorities for the coming year.

COSTI believes in breaking down barriers to sustainable housing. We accelerate access to housing by helping adults and young people search for homes; we work with landlords to understand how we can address their needs and prevent evictions and we provide workplace training for those who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

New relationships with landlords and community partners enhanced our services, allowing us to further expand our reach in an effort to secure housing more quickly and permanently for our clients.