Client Profile

Adeola Thompson and Adebayo Thompson

Adeola says taking advice from her brother Adebayo helped her get a job because it connected her to COSTI. “I was doing my first year of university online due to COVID and needed to get a job to support me and my family. The problem was I had little work experience,” she says. “I applied for so many jobs, but would never hear back.”

Image of Adeola Thompson

That changed after she enrolled in the Youth Job Connection Summer Program, supported by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Development, in partnership with First Work and LinkedIn. “My brother had completed the program and suggested I give it a try,” she says. “I had no idea what to expect and was really nervous, but I was instantly relieved. The first session was so welcoming and I learned exactly how to build a strong resume. I learned about different keywords employers search for when hiring, and we talked about job interview skills.”

Today Adeola is working part-time while doing school. She credits COSTI in helping her improve her resume and prepare for a job interview. “My biggest learning was to treat a job interview like a conversation, and that really put me at ease.”

Meanwhile, Adebayo is also in school and is already applying for summer jobs for next year. He is feeling confident as a graduate of the program. “I always feel prepared now and I am so glad my sister has found success with the program as well.”

Both agree that COSTI’s Youth Job Connection Summer Program is what youth need to succeed. “It allows young people to discover our own potential,” says Adeola. “More than anything, it helps you feel confident in yourself.”