Employment Services

Accelerating engagement by providing opportunities for success.

COSTI believes that access to sustainable jobs puts people on the right track for success and enriches our communities. We work with over 2,000 employers who share the same belief. Last year, 7,949 individuals with international work experience, young adults, high school and university graduates came to COSTI looking for help to get them one step closer to finding the right job or career.
of adults and youth who were unemployed and under-employed secured employment

Newcomers come to Canada and bring with them new ideas, energy, skills, resources, and a strong desire to succeed and contribute to their new country. In order to contribute, they must first be given the opportunity to develop the tools and skills needed to secure employment and pursue a career in their new country. We want everyone who comes to Canada to be successful. That’s why we have made it a priority to extend our work beyond bricks and mortar buildings by engaging with newcomers both virtually and in-person. Offering professional development, pre-employment training and employment opportunities at the local and provincial levels, and also providing pre-arrival information, referrals and consultations internationally, allows COSTI to connect with clients no matter where they happen to be living.

Our existing Online Services platform provided COSTI with an opportunity to quickly transition to providing virtual employment supports for our clients, enabling job seekers to participate in special events, training, job fairs and information sessions remotely. The ability to continue their job search, while receiving encouragement and support from staff, allowed many to stay motivated and secure employment while at home.

In preparing for the Employment Ontario transformation of the employment services system in the Region of Peel, led by WCG International Consultants Ltd., COSTI is reviewing its systems and business plans in an effort to be responsive to the client-centered and results-focused model. While the upcoming year will be a year of change, the opportunity allows us to evaluate our systems, adopt a more robust business approach and undergo a change management process that will ultimately lead to greater success for our clients in finding and retaining jobs.