Settlement Services

Making Canada home.

individuals participated in live webinars focussed on settlement information and services
individuals learned how to navigate through the settlement process by attending webinars or in-person Orientation-to-Ontario workshops across the province

COSTI’s Settlement Services from pre-arrival to initial assessment and interpretation services, advocacy and counselling, promote a greater sense of security and well-being, helping newcomers and their families engage in their communities faster. At COSTI, we believe that with support early on, we can help reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by newcomers when they first arrive to Canada.

COSTI’s priority for 2019/20 was to continue to enhance and strengthen our settlement support services to settled immigrants and newcomers, both adults and young people, who live in the greater Toronto area, within the province, or overseas. Last year, over 12,500 people received settlement counselling and help including accessing government services, completing government forms, translation, interpretation and referral services to additional supports in their local communities.

In the coming year, we will look to undertake an evaluation of our settlement services and deliver enhanced ethno-specific orientation sessions to Spanish-speaking and Vietnamese-speaking students attending COSTI’s English classes. However, finding solutions and eliminating barriers for newcomers who face significant hardship due to the global pandemic are a priority for our Settlement Services in 2020/21. Many of our clients do not speak English well, do not have computers, live in shared and small spaces, struggle to secure work, or have only recently found employment. Our staff have responded by securing donations to address some of the hardships magnified by the pandemic including food vouchers, helping many with navigating their children’s education and with their health needs during this challenging time.